We try to review all applications within 48 hours of submission, and inform applicants of acceptance within a week. It may take longer during holidays and breaks.

All international students should apply for a Study Permit. They are only required for students studying for longer than 5 months, but if you decide to extend your stay they can be difficult to obtain once you are already in Canada.

For more information on how to obtain a Study Permit, contract the nearest Canadian Embassy, Consulate General, or Trade Commission, or go directly to the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website.

Yes, Study Permits can be extended as long as you are you staying here to study with us. Our office can assist you with that process.

Yes, all of our international students require medical insurance, and the cost of this is included in our program fees.

Yes, all of our international students are required to have a custodian. This is a legal requirement from Immigration Canada. The Cowichan Valley International Student Program provides custodianship to all of our students.

Yes, all of our students (unless you are travelling here with at least one parent) will be placed in a local homestay. Our homestay families are carefully selected by our program, and are all warm, caring, and welcoming Canadian families.

All of our homestay families must meet stringent requirements before becoming eligible to host our international students. Placements are made by our homestay coordinators based on information provided in your application. We take a lot care and time to match you with a homestay family whose interests match your own.

We ask applicants to give us their preference, and do our best to place students in the school they have selected. We also look at interests and course requests, and match students to the school that best meets those. We reserve the right to override a student’s school choice if we feel there is a better school for them, and we also like to evenly distribute our international students among our schools for a better immersion experience for you!

Secondary students will choose courses depending on your educational goals. You may be here for a cultural experience and choose courses you are most interested in. Your home school may require you to take certain courses for course validation. For students here for graduation, courses are a mixture of B.C. graduation requirements and electives based on interest.

Elementary and Middle School students take a mixture of academic and elective courses programmed by the school.

You will receive course credit if you successfully complete an entire course. If you are here for one whole semester or more, you will receive an official transcript.

Yes, if you meet the graduation requirements set by the province of B.C. The graduation program has mandatory requirements; completion usually takes international students 2-3 years. We strongly recommend starting your studies here in grade 10 if you intend to graduate; however, those with strong English take 2 years or less.

If you decide to leave the International Student Program for personal reasons no fees will be refunded. In all cases, the application fee will be retained to cover
administrative expenses. The following refund policy will apply for each student:
– Within 60 days of entry into the program: 75% refund
– Within 30 days of starting in the program: 50% refund

Full refund if the visiting student authorization is not approved by Canadian Immigration and supporting documentation of this rejection is supplied (student must provide letter of rejection by High Commission).

Absolutely NO refund of fees will be granted if student is in violation of the Program Code of Conduct or Participation Agreement.