Located in the seaside town of Chemainus, just 15 minutes north of Duncan. Chemainus is a picturesque town internationally recognized as an artisan community. The town is famous for outdoor murals painted on buildings depicting the history of the local area. It also boasts a vibrant theatre company, trendy boutiques and art galleries. The school population is 350 in grades 7 to 12.

The school offers a full range of academics, and some specialized electives including digital media, computer graphic design, robotics, and sustainable resources.

The music program is very active with both concert and jazz bands. The band has performed all over Canada and has also travelled to California. Applied Programs include an electronics program focusing on robotics.

An environmental focus is a part of the provincial initiative and the entire school is involved in the program.

Sports include volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, and track and field.

Special Courses and Programs
• Computer Programming
• Music
• Theatre
• Media Design
• Social Justice

This course develops the student’s knowledge of the robotics industry by using a hands-on learning environment. Students are taught through in lab work, theory and projects to design, program, and build a robot.

Trades Sampler
This hands-on course is a unique opportunity to explore a variety of trades. Students will explore specialized techniques and create a variety of projects.

Located in the scenic town of Lake Cowichan, this a growing, vibrant community on the shores of beautiful Cowichan Lake. A popular tourist area, the town is a popular destination for families. The school has 300 students from grades 4 to 12.

The school offers a full range of academics including humanities, math, and sciences.

Courses available include active living, psychology, drama, leadership, woodwork, and genocide studies.

The school runs an excellent Ice Hockey program as part of the physical education department.

Special Courses and Programs
• Computer Studies
• Guitar
• Japanese
• Film Making
• Athletic Leadership
• Ice Hockey

History Through Film
This course has been developed to support and encourage students to explore the events of the 20th Century through the medium of film. Students will view movies depicting events of the 20th Century and analyze and evaluate them based on research of the actual time, event, or historical person or group. The goal of this course is to enable a wider range of students to garner a background and awareness of significant events of the 20th Century. Students will critically assess the content of films for social, cultural, and historical accuracy.

Genocide Studies
Students learn different perspectives on people, locations, events, and issues by considering prevailing values and world views. They will make reasoned ethical judgements & responses to events in the past or present.

Quamichan School is located in Duncan, in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. Quamichan School has a population of 600 students in grades 8 and 9.

The school is known for their student leadership program, and for the caring adults committed to student development.

Quamichan runs an exploratory rotation so all grade 8 students rotate through fine arts and applied skills courses. Fine arts exploratory courses include art, dance, drama, music, and indoor rock climbing. Applied skills exploratory courses include metalwork, wood craft, home economics, information technology, and indigenous studies (language and culture). Grade 9 students can choose to take those as courses in the semester system.

Throughout the school year, students can participate in lunchtime sports activities. These include basketball, soccer, and hockey. Students can also join the school choir, jazz band, and guitar club. They can join in leadership opportunities in organizing school events, service projects, and charity fundraisers.

Special Courses and Programs
• Dance
• Drama
• Band
• Languages
• Rock Climbing
• French Immersion
• Choir
• Woodcraft
• Field Hockey

Rock Climbing
Our climbing program provides young climbers with the ability to train and develop all areas of sport climbing. Students can enter the world of competitive climbing.

Located in Duncan, the central community of the Cowichan Valley, this school has a long history of accomplishments in sciences, humanities, fine arts and sports. The school has a population of 800 students in grades 10 to 12.

The school offers a full range of academics including advanced math and science courses, and opportunities to complete in national math competitions.

Cowichan Secondary has had the enviable reputation for competing in sports at the highest level and has won a number of provincial championships. Teams include basketball, rugby, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, wrestling and golf.

Fine arts programs include drawing, painting ceramics, concert band, dance, theatre, film making, and photography.

There are numerous electives available and some notable courses include computer programming, fashion design, robotics, metal work, digital media, social justice, furniture making, rugby, basketball, and ice hockey.

Special Courses and Programs

• Environmental Science
• Rugby Academy (Click for link to MacDowell Rugby!) 
• French Immersion
• Forensic Science
• Yoga
• Dance
• Rock Climbing
• Wilderness Survival
• Leadership

Forensic Science
This exciting science course focuses on giving students a chance to gain insight into the field of forensic science. Students study Criminal Law, Forensic Biology and Pathology and Criminal Profiling.

Environmental Stewardship
Our new environmental program includes English, Environmental Science, Physical Geography, and Outdoor Education. The courses are woven together through a lens of modern-day perspectives, future thinking practices and good global environmental stewardship.

Rock Climbing
Our climbing program provides young climbers with the ability to train and develop all areas of sport climbing. Students can also enter the world of competitive climbing.

Frances Kelsey Secondary is located in the seaside community of Mill Bay. Students progress through the curriculum with traditional classroom instruction and also with the guidance of a teacher advisor. The school has 900 students from grades 8 to 12.

The school offers a full range of courses in humanities, sciences, mathematics, and language courses including French and Spanish.

Fine arts programs include a full suite of visual art courses, a dance studio, a state-of-the-art theatre, and a recording studio. Music includes band, jazz band, guitar and choir.

Frances Kelsey offers technology courses with a focus on architectural, engineering and product technology along with media, graphic and industrial design. They also have a full commercial kitchen and offer chef training. Other electives include urban studies, horticulture, and philosophy.

Special Courses and Programs
• Environmental Science
• Guitar
• Recording Studio
• Soccer Academy
• Hockey Academy
• Dance
• Outdoor Education

Hockey Academy
The Hockey Skills Academy is an athlete-centred program designed to develop the whole student athlete. It is available for both male and female students and provides enhanced on ice and off ice training and specialized coaching for students who wish to advance their hockey skills.

Soccer Program
The Frances Kelsey soccer program is a specialized P.E. class that aims to improve students’ soccer skills, knowledge of the game, and fitness level.

Equestrian Academy

The academy is designed to fit the needs of various ability levels, disciplines and types of riders. The curriculum allows students to pursue excellence in their discipline as an equestrian as well as develop skills for lifelong learning. This Academy seeks to provide a flexible, personalized approach to education while supporting passions and skills in horse related sports, horse related careers, and post- secondary opportunities..