District Overview

All of our schools are accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and offer B.C. government curriculum. Our courses are taught by university-trained teachers certified by the British Columbia College of Teachers, and our teachers are dedicated to preparing students for graduation assessments and entry into post-secondary universities. Schools feature state of the art science labs, computer labs, language studies, art studios, drama theatres, media and editing rooms, music rooms, dance studios, cooking labs and well-equipped gymnasiums.

Our 4 secondary schools and 1 middle school offer a full range of academic courses, and international students can also choose to participate in advanced programs, fine arts, and individual or team athletic programs. Each school also offers specialized elective courses that are unique to the school or the region such as forensic science, environmental science, outdoor education, rock climbing and golf. Specialised sports academies, such as ice hockey and rugby, are also available for students who wish to have additional coaching.

Our 17 elementary schools offer mathematics, English, social studies, sciences, computer studies, fine arts, physical education and French Immersion.

English Language Learner support is available for every student in the program.