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Join us for a unique Canadian academic experience in the Cowichan Valley.

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The Cowichan Valley International Program focuses its efforts on providing international students with a unique Canadian experience balancing academics and the beautiful outdoors.

Why Cowichan?

10 Reasons to choose the Cowichan Valley International Student Program


Safe & welcoming community


Excellent homestay program


98% English-speaking population


English Language Learning support & academic guidance by dedicated teachers


Strong academic programs


Unique elective course opportunities


Award-winning athletics


Surrounded by nature & wilderness opportunities


Variety of field trips for skiing, sightseeing, and recreation


University preparation & application support

International students who talk about us

People here are very friendly. My home stay parents are great. They really treat me like one of their children. They have even introduced me as their “Norwegian daughter”.
– Christine Aspoy, Norway, International Student

It goes without saying that the school and teachers were very good. My teachers were very friendly and helpful. They were patient with my questions and mistakes. I also had fun in many activities that were organized by the international program.
– Baron Xi, China, International Student

I tried to play as many sports as I can. I play soccer, rugby and baseball. All my teachers are also very nice. They always want to help me whenever they can.
– Raul Corpas Navas, Spain, International Student

I have done a lot with my international friends this year. They taught me different cultures, food and languages. They made me want to travel all over the world!
– Chisa Tagaki, Japan, International Student

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